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The Payroll feature allows users to manage employee payroll information and maintain a central database of payroll records.

Use Case

With the Payroll feature, users can easily calculate and process employee salaries, generate payslips, and comply with WPS SIF requirements.


Managing Salaries

  1. Go to HR>Payroll>Salaries
  2. Click “Set Salary” to view the employee’s salary information.
  3. Click “(+)” to edit salary details
  4. Click “Save Changes” to update the employee salary details.

Generating Payslips

  1. Go to HR>Payroll>Payslip
  2. Select the desired pay period, Month and Year.
  3. Click on “Generate Payslip”

Complying with WPS SIF Requirements

  1. Go to HR>Payroll>WPS SIF
  2. Enter the Documentary Field.
  3. Select Branch, Department, Month and Year.
  4. Click “Apply”
  5. Review and verify the SIF information.
  6. Click “Download WPS SIF” to save the SIF file.