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Email Notification

Email notification is a feature in accounting software that allows users to receive alerts and updates via email. This can include notifications about new transactions, overdue invoices, and other important events related to financial management. Email notifications help users stay on top of their finances and respond quickly to important events.

Use Case

By enabling email notifications in your accounting software, you can receive alerts whenever new transactions are recorded, invoices become overdue, or other important events occur. This can help you stay organized and promptly address any issues that arise.


  1. Go to Settings>System>Email Notification
  2. Select the types for which you want to receive email notifications, such as new client, new Invoice payment, and new support ticket.
  3. Save the settings and test the email notification to ensure everything works correctly.

It’s important to note that the specific steps for enabling email notifications may vary depending on the accounting software you are using. Therefore, it’s important to consult the software’s documentation or support resources for detailed instructions on configuring email notifications for your specific accounting software.