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Attendance Machine

An attendance machine is a device used to record employees’ attendance in a company. It can use various methods such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, or card swiping to record the time and attendance of employees.

Use Case

An attendance machine would automate the recording and managing of employee attendance data. This can help save time and reduce errors compared to manually managing attendance records.


  1. Go to Settings>System>Attendance Machine
  2. Ensure the attendance machine you have is compatible with your accounting software.
  3. Export the attendance data from the machine in a format that can be imported into the accounting software.
  4. Open the accounting software and navigate to the attendance module. Look for an option to import attendance data and select the format that matches the one used by the attendance machine. Follow the instructions provided by the software to import the data.
  5. Configure the settings in the accounting software to match your company’s attendance policies, such as calculating overtime, defining working hours and shifts, and managing employee absences.
  6. With the attendance data imported and configured, use it to calculate employee payroll based on their attendance records.