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Getting Started with EzeeBooks

  1. Setting Up Your Company:
    • Begin by navigating to Company Setting.
    • Here, you’ll be prompted to provide essential business information. This includes your Brand, System, Company Settings, Payment Terms, and if you’re migrating from another system, options for Data Migration are available.

    Note: Filling out all the details ensures your records and transactions align with your business’s unique requirements.

  2. Employee Management:
    • Proceed to the HR Menu.
    • Within this section, you’ll find the Employee option. Click on it to add employees and fill out their respective details.

    Tip: Accurate employee details will aid payroll processing and other HR tasks.

  3. User Management and Roles:
    • Your next step is the User Management section.
    • This is where you can create specific roles for each user, ensuring that every employee has the right access and permissions suited to their job description.
  4. Accounting Variables Setup:
    • To keep your finances in order, head to the Accounting SettingsĀ Menu.
    • Here, you can set and adjust vital financial variables, such as Account Type and Account Sub Type. The proper setup ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance.
  5. Setting Up Products & Services:
    • Navigate to the Products menu.
    • Spot the + box icon and click on it to begin adding your products or services. Detailing your offerings here ensures smooth invoicing and inventory management.