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The Contracts feature allows users to manage contracts with customers and vendors in their company.

Use Case

With the Contracts feature, users can easily create and manage contracts, track contract dates, and payments, and generate contract reports.


Creating New Contracts

  1. Navigate to the “Contracts” tab.
  2. Click on the “Create Contract” button.
  3. Enter the contract details such as contract name and contract parties.
  4. Set contract terms and conditions.
  5. Click “Save” to create the contract.

Managing Contracts

  1. Navigate to the contract you want to manage.
  2. Edit the contract details as required.
  3. Add or remove contract terms and conditions.
  4. Set contract dates and payments.

Generating Contract Reports

  1. Navigate to the “Contracts” tab.
  2. Click on the “Reports” button.
  3. Select the contract report you want to generate such as open contracts or expired contracts.
  4. Enter the report parameters such as date range and contract status.
  5. Click “Generate” to generate the contract report.